Thursday, June 2, 2016

Unusual photos from Zimbabwe! (Of stuff that we consider perfectly normal).

 So a welcome return to the blog after the last couple of postings on 'The grand adventures of Spike'. The Blog returns to normal.

(Anyone who didn't read the 2 blogs about a relative being impaled on a couple of metal spikes, please see the May posts in the archive to the top right of this page)

For those of you who are interested, I can report that he is recovering nicely, and currently recuperating in Mutare as I speak. The only small side-effect from his mishap is that he dribbles pink fluid from his thigh and lower abdomen every time he drinks anything, but even that seems to be improving.


Secondly - a massive thanks to everyone who shared the Blog. One of the 2 'Spike' posts had over 9,500 views - the most by anything I have ever posted, so please continue to share for me. The extended coverage also put me back in touch with several old friends and school acquaintances, which was great.Very much appreciated - thanks.

So - photos from Zimbabwe. Again.

The pictures contained in this particular blog were all taken in Zimbabwe, and all are of stuff that we consider to be perfectly normal. To start with - here is a Restaurant whose owners sat down and thought long and hard as to what to call it. After much deliberations they settled on a name which reflects what people do when they really, really, enjoy a meal.

Can you guess?

Here ya go - and this, incredibly, is part of a chain of eateries all named  . . . . .

 Hmmmmmm. Eat your heart out, Colonel Sanders!

Or lick it out.

Up to you.

Next we have a this view from Second Street extension in Harare, which I passed several times before noticing there was something slightly odd .

For those of you not quite as observant - here is a photo of the sign from the pic above. The question I have to ask is - 'what is the speed limit on this road'?

Probably a sneaky trick by our Highway Patrol, I suspect!

 Then this pic, which has featured in a Facebook post before, but not the blog.

Initially I thought that a Zimbabwean sign-writer had gone to work again (and those who have read previous blogs will know just how much I adore the work of our local sign-writers!!) and I was convinced that this was supposed to read 'steak' and not 'stick' . . . . . .

However, further careful investigation via Dr Google left me with the knowledge that 'Espetadas' are lumps or cubes of meat which have been skewered on a stick taken from a Bay tree! They are first rubbed with garlic and salt, and then must be grilled over a bed of coals.Apparently the stick flavours the meat as it cooks.

However, further investigation revealed that though the rump indeed was skewered, it was not a bay stick, nor was it grilled over coals, so my original contention remains. Mistake!

No mistake though, in the following picture, taken of my gardener setting out to woo his lady.

What does a young man wear when his fancy turns to love? Well, obviously you dig out your best clobber, and off a-courting you shall go!

Here is Costa wearing (somewhat improbably) his best top hat:

And a fine one it is too - with shiny black velvet felt, and clean as a whistle!

And sometimes people tell me that the kids of today have no class.


Finally - a revelation. Where do you think they grow the children who will eventually go on to study at one of the most prestigious universities in America?

Answer - in Zimbabwe.

In Harare.

And here is the proof . . . . . 

This is the new home of the Harvard school for young learners. Right here in Harare!!!

I kid you not . . . .

So there you go. To borrow a phrase from quite a well-known company - Zimbabwe really is a land where "The improbable is made real"!!!

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