Sunday, April 5, 2015

Shungu the baby zebra - an update.

Lots of silence from Selous, because we have been busy with a couple of weddings which have been taking up much of our time. More of those later, but a quick update on Shungu the baby zebra, as I have had a few queries from a few regular readers of the Blog. Everyone wants to know how he is doing.

He is doing GREAT!

He has stopped tottering around and is strong on his feet. His wounds have almost all healed - just one bite still weeping a little pus but very definitely on the mend. All other cuts are fully covered, and his bruises have faded, judging by his ease of movement. In addition, he has stopped shaking his head as if trying to clear it as I mentioned in my last posting.

He has started walking to the hotel and stays the night at the stables. Just look at how strong he is now . . . .

Shungu has also met the other stalwart of Pamuzinda - Jasmine the giraffe. Jasmine has featured in several previous blog postings. Here are Jasmine and Shungu meeting for the first time on the lawns in front of Reception . . .

Introductions over it was time to settle down to the serious business of finding some food for the morning. Shungu has milk - lots of it, and we use skimmed milk mixed with glucose for him - he drinks it out of a little green bowl. He is costing us a fortune! Jasmine eats leaves and is quite cheap to maintain. (If you don't count the horse cubes she is addicted to).

Apart from the weddings I have been busy with for the past week, we hosted a group from South Africa who stayed one night with us before going to Kariba for a week on Umbozha - our luxury houseboat. We put on a braai for them - lots of meat grilled over open coals and served with lots of salads and accompaniments such as sauces, guacamole, olives, beetroot and garlic bread:

One of the specialties we laid on was 'boerwors' - the literal translation being 'farmers sausage'. These are homemade sausages which are the specialty of the farming community where they are made, and a certain amount of pride goes into the making of them, with secret recipes using spices and obscure ingredients. Ours, obviously, are made from game meat, and you can see them in the square tin, and on the griddle. . . .

So which game meat did we use for our boerwors?

Erm - in this case they were made of zebra meat.

But we didn't tell Shungu.

Have a nice day!

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