Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Gassy Guy? That's . . . . me!

The reason for my silence over the last couple of months - I have been somewhat busy starting a new business.

Gassy Guy.

And what I am doing is importing gas/electric and paraffin/electric freezers into Zimbabwe from South Africa. I figure the lack of rains this year will lead to a shortage of power at some stage, and these are the perfect standby for when the lights fail. This way, folk never need lose meat again.

I have registered a company called 'Miphart' (and, yes, pronounced 'My Fart') and will be trading as Gassy Guy.

Which my wife says is very appropriate.

The logo I have developed is supposed to represent a Chest Freezer, and a Flame. And a Gassy Guy!

These units use ammonia and hydrogen as cooling system, and are non-ozone-depleting, hence the leaf in the logo. The smaller (100L) units are rated at just 200W, and the biggest at 280W.. That is 2 light bulbs worth to run your freezer. Believe it.

There are 3 sizes available in the LPG range, and options include thermostat and dual-capability. Manufactured by Cold Factor - a reputable South African company, the units have safety valves cutting the gas if there is 'no-flame' for 60 seconds or more, and they take the temp to 'ambient-minus-40'. So at our standard 30C midday temperature, the freezer will be at Minus 10 degrees Celsius.

Here is more of my promotional poster, showing a little more detail. Anyone interested in getting more info can contact me on the numbers listed. Prices range from $520 to $740, and will be dictated by exchange rate fluctuations.

So my first shipment arrived after Christmas, and was stored at my house in the bar at my house.

Unfortunately the business premises I rented had been used as a diesel storage facility for 15 years, and there had been some spillage.

Yuck was not the word . . . .

So the first order of business was to clean the floor - and I tried several options, from bleach, sugar soap and detergent, to a mixture I found on Facebook with Hydrogen Peroxide (I found some 40%), Dishwasher and Baking Soda. In fact, a bottle of this mixture exploded in my face and blinded me in my left eye for 4 to 5 days. I am fixed, and the floor is clean, so good endings all around.

Here is the Showroom/Office in mid-wash: (Check out my battery of chemicals on the window sill!)

The first thing I did was try to find some quality staff, and with this in mind, I set a limit of one year at University (College for you 'Mericans out there?) as a minimum requirement.

Astonishingly I found that even though I had set such high educational standards, it was very difficult not only to motivate my new staff, but getting them out of bed and ready for work was extremely tough.

Just shows that quality is hard to come by. (Especially the unpaid kind!)

Here is my entire staff in their PJ's hiding from the camera because they have an acute case of 'sleepy face' . . . .

After several cups of coffee and a few good slaps, my staff got to work and spent a busy morning moving boxes and sorting through things for me . . .

Finally the storerooms was clean enough to lay some plastic on the floor, open the boxes and check the units: We have not painted the store - that will come, but I needed somewhere to be able to store and check the everything before selling them on. Transporters can throw stuff around sometimes, and I had just one lid crumpled on one corner - not bad.

This is the entrance to the property where I have my premises. Bluffhill is an industrial area, so lots of factories around me, but the office park where I have rented space is pretty neat. It even has parking space for my trusty steed!

This is the inside of my Showroom/Office today - carpeted and ready for action. On the right is the 100L unit, in the center the 180L and to the left the 120L.

And another pic showing the full range with the Paraffin unit to the right. It is slightly higher than the others because it has a 7L tank, whereas the others just have a hose and regulator for the LPG


So - how do we know that I am settled and ready for business? Obvious really - I have started on a new effort to to beat my Candy Crush record that I set at Pamuzinda one busy morning..

Hard at work, again!

Yup - life is good!

Please, please, please click on "Share" back on Facebook for me if you know even one Zimbabwean who might think a deep-freezer operated by LPG or Paraffin might be quite handy if Kariba ever blows up, and ask all your mates to do the same.

Oh - and if anyone believed for a minute that I have ever played 'Candy Crush' - shame on you!

As if!

Thanks guys! (And don't forget to share!!!)

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