Saturday, May 20, 2017

Loads of stuff going on right now!

My first weekend at The Brooke turned out to be a rather memorable one, with The Club Championships taking place over two days. . . . . and a Wedding thrown in for good measure!

The first morning of Champs started with what has become my standard morning view. But slightly chillier now that winter approaches. In this photo, the mist from the dam blocks out the view in the background:

During the course of the day, the Club Veranda was laid up for the wedding and we focused on sending the field off for Club Champs from one tee Box, because . . . . the Ceremony was taking place adjacent to the 9th Green, and the Bride and groom didn't want golfers landing approach shots among their guests! Like a fool I never managed to get a picture of the ceremony, but this is what the reception area looked like - it was held on the outside veranda overlooking the First Fairway . . .

As the sun set over The Brooke, the bridal group went for photos - and I captured this shot probably 5 minutes too late - this is an area of casual seating just off from the picture above, and actually looks out over the First.

We have a couple of ladies who cater for all functions held at the Club - in addition to the light meals on the veranda at our Halfway House, and they do an excellent job of catering for large numbers.

These are the Desserts laid out out just before the crowd descended.

To finish the meal off there was a large board with cheese and biscuits (which the Americans, rather oddly, call crackers') and fruit for after dinner. In the background you can see the wedding cake - which was supplied by the bride and groom.

By 10pm that night the party was in full swing - and the sight of Red Bull with Jagermeister shots being lined up on the bar counter is always a sign that things are about to seriously deteriorate!

So if there is anyone out there looking for a wedding venue - The Brooke is capable of hosting you in a great setting, with great food, and a really casual atmosphere. You will almost certainly have golfers flailing their way through their final hole of the day somewhere in a near-distance, but the Members are very understanding of requirements, and you will have an area set aside for your privacy.

Give us a call.

The next day we held the second Round of the Champs, and the Prize Table was loaded for action . .

And by the time the sun set . . . . . . I had completed my first rather interesting week at The Brooke.


One thing I did discover was that we have an absolutely fantastic Junior Golf Programme running at The Brooke. This takes place almost every Saturday morning - though next weekend we have a large Tournament with a dinner being held in a marquee on the Driving Range, so we skip a week.

And my favorite image of Kids' Clinic? Well, here is young Noah - aged all of 3 years old - who only heard the second half of the injunction to 'keep your head down and follow through'! If you are going to do something - put everything you have got into it!!

How fortunate he is to have parents who have introduced him to a game he can play for the rest of his life at such a young age. And in the not-too-distant future I can see father and son teeing it up together for an afternoon of  golf. How cool is that? Soooo - if you live in Harare, have young children, and reckon this might be a pretty cool way to spend a Saturday morning - give our Club Pro Stu Stovold a bell on 0773 315806 and see if you can get involved in our Junior Clinics. The next will be on 3rd June. If you have the kids, we have the clubs.



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