Friday, March 8, 2013

Good sign?

I'm back!

Since my last posting, I have been to Harare - twice, been embroiled in a Tax Audit, and co-ordinating a meeting with our local Council, who have increased our Annual Levy from $200 to $2,000 - or so they think!

Soooo - the Harare trips. Both occasions were fairly fruitless - the first trip to go and stand in the queues at the passport office (well, actually, what you do is stand in a crush of people at "window number 6")  trying to get Della's mother's passport. This was the third trip to Harare we have made to try and achieve this, and needless to say, we failed. Come back after the 25th March!

Ok, will do.


So - anyway, some pics from my travels for today and tomorrow, and today is all about "signs". Because if there is one thing we Zimbos know - it is signs!

The first is a sign taken from the Noticeboard at Peterhouse - where my children go to boarding school. And where, if the truth be told, the girls all paint their hair when no-one is looking..........

Then there are the cars. Most cars have signs of some sort on the back of them - such as "Toyota", "Ford" and so on. This is, of course, in addition to the other 'signs' that are on the back of the car - such as brake lights (to show you are slowing down), indicator lights (to show you are turning), and of course a number plate (which can be written down every time you break the law).

Most of which are considered superfluous to requirements on Zimbabwe's highways!

Then there is the sign that advertises potatoes - right here! The guy started writing his sign, and then realized he didn't want to walk a kilometer down to road just to erect it. And he didn't want to tell a lie either.

So on the way to Harare there is this rather unusual sign...........

More tomorrow - have have a great week-end!

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