Friday, March 22, 2013

Hiding in plain view!

After posting the pics of the Vine Snake hiding in the tree - I had a couple of messages from Blog Readers accusing me of publishing a pic without a snake in it at all! Ha! Wounded to the quick to be accused of subterfuge.

However - it got me thinking, and so this morning I took the camera and managed to get a few pics of things 'hiding in plain view', so to speak.

So - here's the challenge. Study each picture very carefully and see if you can spot something alive - each one difficult to see unless it actually moves. We'll get progressively harder as we go along, but all these pics were taken this morning, and apologies if the clarity is not too good - but I think you should see through the camouflage. This test should separate the 'hunters' from the 'tourists'

After each pic I will tell you what was in the pic, but don't page down until you have either spotted and identified the sneaky living, breathing, thing hiding in plain view. Or have had a jolly good try at seeing it.

The first is not really visible, but his house is - simply because of the dew this morning....

Quite easy, really - a spider and his web. This was a tough pic to take because I had to be looking into the sun to see the web at all - and ten minutes later it was completely invisible from more than three paces away once the dew had evaporated. It was suspended above the road with no obvious means of support.

So the next thing then - slightly harder, but not too tough...

Slightly harder - but obvious to regular blog readers even though I managed to make it slightly fuzzy - because of the cage. This is Fred my pet chameleon - top right and looking back at the camera.

So now we get a little more difficult.....

So - harder, but a monkey - which I am sure you all spotted. (If you didn't, he is just to the left of the patch of blue sky - sitting at the base of the conifer - looking at me with his right hand reaching out to hold on to the branches).

Now the last, and possibly hardest, thing hiding in plain view. And I was really lucky to spot it this morning, as I almost walked straight past it without even seeing it - even though it was not more than a couple of paces away. No cheating on this one.

This is what we in Africa call........"a bush".

A bush is a collection of sticks and leaves which grows out of the ground, and even though this bush has hidden itself by growing different colored leaves in what the military folk call 'dazzle camouflage' - I really am surprised you couldn't see it!

Look again and it should be obvious.

This bush is called a 'handkerchief bush' - and gets its name from the fact that someone appears to have hung a load of handkerchiefs on it to dry.

Thanks for trying, anyways!

Have a great day.

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