Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dahhrlings, you simply MUST come and visit us!

Having received a couple of comments on the book, I realise that some folk living in the 'First World' think that we Zimbos live a totally backward life, with no refinement whatsoever. While this may be true for most of us, most of the time, (yes, we all wear loincloths in the warmer months - but only from humanely-killed animals) I thought it might be prudent of me to show you just how culturally refined we can be. When we put our minds to it....

So what would constitute the essentials of good taste? Classy décor? Classical music? Mountain-top golf resorts? Fine dining?

Well - believe it or not, we have it all.

Let's start off with tasteful décor. Here is a photo from a wedding we hosted at La Rochelle in August. This is a photo taken inside the tent, and I must hasten to add that I personally did not 'do' the décor for the wedding. But this is how we Zimbos like to tart things up for special occasions...

So classical music? Have we got that in Zimbabwe?

Yes we do.

When I was small, I played the triangle in an orchestra. Well, maybe not an orchestra - more a school music group, anyways. And my daughter is following suit - in fact she may well have overtaken me! This week's prize goes to the first person to correctly identify the instrument she plays...


And how many musicians playing music with her on that particular evening? Well - there were more than 4 or 5 folk playing music together. In fact - they didn't quite all fit on the stage...

So what about mountain-top golf resorts? Yep - we got that covered - this is a photo of Troutbeck Inn, up in the Nyanga mountains - with the golf course in the background.

So on to fine dining - and what could be more quintessentially refined than 'English cream teas'? Here I would direct your attention to a tiny little Coffee Shoppe up in the Vumba mountains. Tony's.

The list of teas and coffees alone is maybe 120 items long....

And the homemade lemonade, coffee and cake is not too shabby either!

So, Dahlings, DO come and visit us sometime soon. But brush your hair first, you plebs!

Have a great day!

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