Saturday, September 14, 2013

Free beauty treatment for all lady Blog readers!

Today - a real mix of photos - basically stuff that didn't form part of a story over the last 2 months or so, but all of which are interesting by themselves. Plus today I am trying something new - giving away a free beauty treatment to all Lady readers of 'the most interesting blog - in the whorld!'

First off - the warmer weather is returning to the Imbeza Valley - and the first indication every year that winter (all 3 weeks of it) is truly over is when the 'yesterday-today-and-tomorrow' bushes start flowering. They grow flowers so quickly, and in such profusion, that you can see the difference from day to day. In the foreground - our petunias - just about to end.

Then last month, we had a group of bikers travelling through Zimbabwe from South Africa. They were led by Bertus - and spent most of their time, in fact all of their time, in the pub. Good bunch of blokes - and nice to have some polished chrome in the La Rochelle car park.

Those who have read my book will know that I make reference to the proliferation of satellite televisions - even in the remotest of remote areas. I talk of dishes poking through the thatch of huts - and in case you thought I was stretching things - here is a somewhat rustic cabin at the entrance to Nyanga town - with a dish, and his own jury-rigged electricity supply.

Priorities, people, priorities. The tv system cost more than the house?

Lastly - my give-away.

This is really exciting!!!

In Zimbabwe, we do not have hairdressers and beauty salons as those of you who live overseas would know them. Rather we have Hairsaloons. A hairsaloon is an interesting concept, and one which I have never seen in my travels to England or South Africa. Basically it is a long wooden counter at which copious amounts of beer are consumed every night.

Hence the word 'saloon'.

The objective of the patrons is to drink as much beer as quickly as possible until they reach a stage where they can only be described as 'totally cut' or 'totally chopped' (i.e very drunk) hence the word 'hair'.

Once they reach this stage of inebriation - they are then called 'barbers' - which is short for 'barbarians'. And at this point - the most amazing phenomenon occurs...

At this point, every single woman who walk into the Hairsaloon becomes instantly beautiful in the eyes of all beholders. It is quite incredible!

Beautiful and desirable beyond belief.

So - to my regular lady readers - if you wish to have the free beauty treatment promised at the start of this blog, simply walk into the Hairsaloon at Fairbridge Shopping Centre  in Mutare, Zimbabwe, on any night after 10pm. You will, I promise, be the most beautiful creature on earth.


Have a great day.


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