Friday, February 13, 2015

Kissing a whole bunch of frogs to find your prince! Or . . your toad?

So tomorrow is Valentines Day, and as it is unlikely that I will have time to post a blog with all my running around - here ya go.

For most people, this special day is one for love and romance, chocs and flowers, and fire-side snuggles if you are in the Northern hemisphere - poolside cuddles in the Southern one. And the guys on the equator don't see any difference and just carry on - same old, same old.

But for those of us in the hospitality game, it tends to be a time of sweaty kitchens, fingers shredded by rose thorns and lots of rush; this year at Pamuzinda will be, I am sure, much of that. We have 70 booked for lunch, and then a special dinner for about 40 in the evening.

So here is a sneak preview of my day tomorrow, and the plans we have in place . . . .

First off, the menu. All planned - though I am still to find fresh spinach for the chicken breast, and may have to make a last-minute adjustment. Maybe lemon, garlic & herbs? Or bacon & cheddar cheese?

Dunno - we'll see.

And the signature dish off this menu?

Well, believe it or not, it is the Watermelon and Orange Soup - something that not many people have ever had . . . . unless they have been to Pamuzinda! And I bet you won't find it on any Valentines menu anywhere in the world this year - except here. It is just watermelon and fresh orange grated through a coarse cheese grater, and then placed in the freezer until small ice shards form.

Yum! Especially on a warm and balmy African night in a dining room overlooking the Serui River.

Another typically African menu, no?

For the tables we will have candles - not just any old candles, but curly-whirly red ones with
rose-scented wax.


Dunno - but that's what we got!

We have roses for the tables as well - red ones for our dinning room tables, and white for the toilets. Because red is the color of love, and white is the color of toilet paper.


Then we have chocolates for the couples staying in the lodge.  Because we always give chocolate on this most romantic of days.

In little boxes.

With red ribbon.

And paper with hearts on it.

You know?

Finally we have the wines which we will place in the Guest Rooms for the folk staying with us on the 14th. They can bring their bottles to dinner, or take them home to enjoy at a later date.

This year - in a stunningly crafty and thoughtful move, I have carefully selected the wine to ensure that the ladies will think of their escorts the moment they see the bottle!

How much attention to detail is that?

Splattered Toad.

Could we give away any other wine on Valentines day?

The question is this - how many frogs did the beautiful lady in your family have to kiss before she found her prince . . . .  only to discover later on that it wasn't a frog or a prince after all, but a truly splattered toad???

Yup - we got Valentines nailed this year!

Have a great (Valentines) day!

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