Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My way - the Zim way!

Time for another blog, and what better than a quick sneak-peek behind the curtains of Zim, what with surfing, dancing and floor-cleaning presidents dominating the internet as I write?

Tumble. Or not. Depending on your perspective.

I guess what I am saying is that we sure do things differently, even if they are exactly the same things you do in your world. So here are a few pics of stuff we see as perfectly normal, but which may seem a little odd to the outsider . . .

First off - our cat beds. At Pamuzinda we have a fine specimen of a cat who has, somewhat oddly, been photographed by day-trippers almost as much as Jasmine, our tame giraffe. I think in the West, they have cat beds made of stuffing, foam rubber, and fancy cloth coverings. Ergonomically-designed ones.

Here we use a cardboard tray that used to hold beer cans, and that seems to work just fine!

Sleeping with bugs is something of a natural hazard in my new home, and so I was given a 'bug-killer' for Christmas. I am sure you have the same thing in your part of the world - only I don't think you will harvest quite as many bugs as I do of a night. Here is the result of 8 hours run-time:

Come morning I have a fine selection of roasty-toasty freshly-crisped protein packs, just perfect for sprinkling onto my cornflakes!

I like the little green ones best.

When travelling around on my motorbike, I frequently have to yield to cross traffic. However, unlike in Paris, London and Rome, the easiest way to do this is to turn the engine off, kick back, wait for the road to clear a little . . . .

THAT'S the way to deal with a traffic jam!

So what do you do if you are building, and you create a window by placing a reinforced lintel over a large hole - and then you figure the window needs to be slightly larger, and higher, than you have made it? Well simple really - you just jack the lintel up on alternate sides, cementing in new bricks as you go, until you have a large, and high, enough new window! A car jack works perfectly well:

Problem? Solution!

Finally the one field in which we Zimbos have adapted and mangled standards as set by the rest of the world is sign-writing. Many previous blogs have featured fine specimens of signs as thought up by earnest and determined marketeers. And few have had as much effort put into them as this particular sign advertising - well, you tell me . . . .

Yup - advertising works! And I love the way this fellow decided it would probably be better to sell more than one flower at a time, but couldn't be bothered to completely re-write his sign!

So the lesson here is . . . . .if you think we trip up sometimes - we don't.


We just do things the Zim way. Our way.

Have a great day.

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