Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Views from the Deck. At Pamuzinda

Following my last blog posting, a regular reader contacted me and said how home-sick she felt after seeing the view from our Deck featured a week ago. She is now living in England, and said my last post brought back memories of wide open spaces, wild animals, and Africa. She and her husband have special memories of the Deck at Pamuzinda - she spent her honeymoon here several years ago.

Sooooo - here is a collection of photos taken from our deck at different times of the day.

Just to help those of you no longer living here remember the times that were . . . . .

Starting with an elephant swimming in the river just below the dining room at Pamuzinda, as seen from the Deck:

This is another photo of the river taken from the Deck - featuring a couple of canoes heading out for a leisurely paddle. We didn't tell them that there was a rather large elephant swimming just around the corner, and much to our surprise, 5 previously uncoordinated crews discovered they had the ability to paddle backwards in perfect unison!

I have somewhere another photo taken from the Deck of an old buffalo on the island, but I cannot, for the life of me, find it. Sorry for that.

Here follows a selection of photos taken from the Deck at Pamuzinda at various times of day. . . . .

This is again from the Deck . . . . .

The following picture is one of several I have taken of sunset from the Deck at Pamuzinda. My little point-and-click does its best, but I never seem to capture the true colours perfectly. Still - this is just another view from the deck!

And now a photo that has featured before - in another posting, but as it shows the Deck laid up for a breakfast, and as this blog is about the Deck, I figured I might as well add it in. On the floor, you can see Shungu in his new role . . .

Just kidding! Shungu is alive and well, and that rug has been in the bar at the hotel for a long time.

(For those who don't know who Shungu is - please scroll back to the top of the page and click on past blogs to catch up. He will feature again. There are almost 200 previous blogs - just look for the ones with "Shungu" in the title).

And now a photo not taken from the deck.

As most of my friends will know, I have a pathological dislike of driving motor vehicles, and far prefer my motorbike as a means of getting around. In fact I don't drive, and only ride.

The following picture was taken early one morning as I was starting a ride to Harare to take a couple of days off. I normally try to leave Pamuzinda late afternoon, and thus have an extra night at home, but sometimes I have to work the night before, and so I then leave as soon as it is starting to get light. I see some pretty stunning sunrises, for sure!

This, to me, is the quintessential African picture, and I stopped my bike just on the tar road off the dirt track to Pamuzinda at about 05.30 one morning just to take this photo. The colours are glorious, and the silhouettes of African huts framed against the sky should bring back memories for those of you now living in more cloudy climes than you were brought up in!

Remember - this is sunrise, not sunset. . . .

Just not the view you get from the Tube, Metro or Subway, I think? And snapped with my itsy-bitsy little camera. Not bad!

I hope that Tom and Betsy have enjoyed seeing Pamuzinda as it is today, and that some of the photos have brought back memories of their honeymoon all those years ago. And I hope the rest of you have enjoyed seeing a little of my world. Next blog will be on weddings. Or snakes. Or cakes. Or something.

Have a great day!

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