Monday, June 22, 2015

Wedding snapshots. From Zimbabwe.

Time for another posting from Zimbabwe - and apologies for the silence, but work has been quite hectic and things have been happening. I am now on 14 days' break, for which I am extremely grateful, so hopefully another posting before I head back.

So today will not be on individual weddings, but is a collection of photos from weddings we have done, with a little twist at the end.

The first photo is of a Bride arriving for her ceremony - in a downpour! This was a group of Australians and Zimbabweans who had one of the most 'lively' weddings we have had the honor of hosting.

Of course while it may not be so great for the bride, the rain is good for the plants, and after a gentle shower the flowerbeds are looking spic and span ready for the next wedding group to arrive . . . .

This is the cake for a wedding held at Pamuzinda. The amazing thing is that at every wedding we have hosted, the cakes are different. As those of you who have bought my book (for those that haven't go to and page down) can attest, cakes at Zimbabwean weddings take center-stage. You might think that some cakes would be similar to others, but I have never seen a cake looking suspiciously like one from another wedding.

This was the table for a small wedding we hosted for 34 people. The ceremony and reception were both held at Pamuzinda, as opposed to Chengeta, where we normally host our weddings. The balcony overlooks the river, and we managed to fit all the guests at one table.

Finally - our welcoming party generally comprises of one constant -  Leo, the hotel cat. He blends into the background, but is almost always present when the Bridal Party check-in at the hotel

And what a fine cat he is!

So that is a brief zip-though of weddings at Pamuzinda, as opposed to Chengeta. The next posting will be of weddings at Chengeta, and we generally use that as a venue because we have a custom-built marquee which can accommodate fairly large numbers quite comfortably.

The question, though, is this . . . .

Did you see the animals hiding in every photo? And I don't mean just the cat, either!

If you missed them all - go back and have a look. (And I admit that in one photo the rhino and elephant are not real!)

Have a great day!

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