Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Puppy for sale.

Today's blog is not in the normal flow of things because we have a puppy to sell.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, one of our puppies is now available. Most folk let pups go at 6 weeks, but I like to keep them to just under 8 weeks, and so Moto-moto will be ready for a new home by Tuesday 29th September. Cost is $300

This is the fellow now available:

And another view of the little chap from close-up.

(This is him in a thoughtful mood!):

We call him Moto-moto (which means 'fire-fire' in Shona) because he is a very solid and strong little dog. Obviously his new owners will re-name him when they get him.

His Dad - Blue -is a dappled dachshund (daxxie) who was imported from South Africa. His mother is a brown daxxie, and her mum also came from South Africa - so lots of new genes to Zim. This is father & son:

So what are the chances of Moto-moto producing a dappled offspring? Well the vet said he should carry the dapple gene through, but there are no guarantees. This is Moto-moto with his 2 dappled siblings:

 We had 2 dappled and 2 brown in the litter.

2 of the pups are staying in Zimbabwe, and the third is on his way to Zambia shortly.

Here are the kids trying a bone for the very first time. (They love bones!)

So there you have it.

If you are interested in a fine specimen of a daxxie and can give a home to Moto-moto, please give me a call on ?-263-(0)772306560. Thursday afternoon would be a good time to come around and see the pups if you are genuinely interested, or Saturday morning.

We will release him on a FCFS, COD basis.Obviously all jabs are up to date.

Or . . . . . . if you are already a daxxie convert (only special people own daxxies!), have a little lady to whom you are devoted and would like some puppies of your own, and if you would like Blue - Moto-moto's father, as a stud, again please give me a call. Stud fees will be either POL or equivalent.

One last look - at a homeless puppy in need of love and a good, safe, home. lots of licks assured! (Actually he is the waggiest-tail little dog!)

Fine fellow.

As always - new readers can go to the top of this page, and you will see all my old posts listed. The most recent ones anyway. there are 201 in total, all about life in Africa.

Have a great day!

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