Monday, September 28, 2015

What a load of rubbish!

In common with most cities around the world, Harare has 2 faces - one pristine and the other slightly shabby and unkempt.

Today I have some photos of my new home which show just how much refuse collection and disposal has deteriorated in what used to be called "The Sunshine City". Our 'City Fathers' may well be accused of abrogating their responsibilities - but what do I know? You be the judge:

And I must admit that I am feeling slightly guilty at posting this blog because it shows Zimbabwe in the worst light (especially the last photo) - while I generally try and showcase the best and funniest we have to offer.

Apologies in advance for the sordid posting.

This may not be how all those very many folk living outside the country will remember Harare. It used to be a fairly pristine city, but has slowly deteriorated to a typically African urban scene:

So much easier to wade through it than pick it up? And - those who have gone - did you notice the Dairibord Icecream lady just intruding into the photo?

The following photo was taken of the vehicle that we used for shopping when I was at Pamuzinda. It is not staged in any way, and the trash piled at the wheels was there when we parked.

On one of the roads leading out of Harare, this is the sight that greets travelers:

This is the same road leading out of Harare - festooned with plastic. Most of the items pictured are plastic shopping bags and bread sleeves. And on the right of the picture you can see a newly-ploughed field, ready for planting in anticipation of the rains

And here is a picture of the same field - prepared just the day before, but now with a liberal smattering of plastic and other trash. The field is adjacent to the road pictured above.

So where was this road leading? Well, to the Wingate Park Golf Club, where I had the pleasure of a leisurely 18 last Friday.And the golf club is  situated right next door . . . . to the Harare Municipal Dump. Which is the source of all of the plastic blowing about the countryside in the preceding 3 photos!

The expansion of the dump towards the golf club has led to a rather unique golfing experience on a golf course which, while not top-drawer, is certainly a pleasant play. This is my friend Ben (who carded a fantastic eagle on this day) sending another bullet straight down the fairway - with a mountain of plastic in the background. A picture of the dump as seen from the Tee Box. The bulk of this is  . . . . plastic water bottles. Unbelievably.

A view not restricted to the tee boxes either.

A couple of the greens have found that the expansion of the dump has somewhat detracted from the views as envisioned by the original course architects:

And like rubbish dumps (or tips?) all over the world, the Harare Municipal Dump supports a parallel world - people who work, eat and sleep there, spending their days going through other people's leavings for a living. In the picture below you can see 3 of these 'gleaners' hard at work.

A bit like the 'spot the cat' picture, isn't it? Bet you missed the figure on the extreme left?

And now for a picture of some real rubbish.

For which I am solely responsible.

And I would just advise those of you with a nervous disposition to look away now, and page back to the top.

Because this is rubbish of the worst kind.

And it was seen all over the golf course!

So, there you have it

Rubbish . . . . . everywhere!

Have a great day.

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