Thursday, December 4, 2014

Leaving school - what a ball!

This blog is a bit of a break from the creatures of Pamuzinda because last weekend I was in Harare, attending my daughter's Leavers Ball. So this week is a bit of a family post . . .

The school year in Zimbabwe ends in December, and my eldest daughter has completed her secondary education; next year she will attend the University of Cape Town in South Africa. At the end of her school career there were many farewells and ceremonies to be attended - not least of all the Final Prize-giving, where she was awarded the Leadership Cup - an award presented as adjudged by her peers. This will probably be the last time she will wear a uniform, unless she joins an airline or goes to prison.

Both, obviously, a possibility.

So here is photographic evidence of her last day of school . . . . evah:

As an interesting note - the chapel in the background is the same one pictured in an earlier blog in May this year . . . .

What a change that was?

And the change among my daughter and he classmates - from schoolgirls to young debutantes, was no less amazing - like butterflies emerging from their chrysalises, all the girls looked stunning. This is the transformation that took place over 4 days - from schoolgirl . . . . to really really scary! Speaking as a father.

And the reason for the sprucing up was the Leavers Ball - the official end to her school career. The last time that a group of girls who have been together for the past 6 years will be together.

Her date for the evening even managed to co-ordinate colors - how cool is that?

Even my daughter's parents managed to dig out their 'glad rags' - and though her mother always looks impeccably turned out, her father managed to clean up a little too . . .

Not too shabby, hey?

The venue for the Leavers Ball was the Wild Geese Lodge, and it turned out to be a typically balmy African evening, with warm breezes, dust-scented air, and a moon lazily climbing into a star-spangled sky:

The Banquet Room was prepared by the parents of the Leavers, and looked amazing. Folk who have never been to Africa and have only seen images of deprivation and squalor on television, may be a little surprised at the levels of sophistication reached . . .

Yup - this Africa!

So honor was satisfied, a fantastic evening was had by all, and kudos to the folk who spent so much time and effort getting everything ready. I think the smiles said it all . . . .

 Of course all the excitement, the late night and all the running around were all quite overwhelming (even for an old once-upon-a-time-party-dog like me), and so the Sunday was spent cradling 2 girls and watching replays of the rugby on tv as we tried to work out how on earth Wales beat South Africa. Everybody was, after the fun of the night before, a little deflated . . .

A fine evening, and a fitting end to a school career.

Have a great day!

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  1. Hi Simon,

    It looks like you all had a wonderful time! Daughter and wife absolutely beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Tucson, AZ