Tuesday, December 16, 2014

There is a place for all of God's little creatures - right next to the potatoes & gravy!

It is time for me to show you a little of what I actually do for a living. It is not all fun and games running around with a camera, let me assure you.

My job title is 'Hospitality Manager' and I am responsible for upgrading guest hospitality and service within the Dunhuramambo Group - comprising Pamuzinda Safari Lodge, Chengeta Safari Lodge, Shumba Guest Lodge, and then 5 Houseboats on Kariba - which I hope to be focused on in the new year. Right now I am based at Pamuzinda.

We do have have a few cracks which I am trying to fix, but generally our products and service quality are very good. Right now I am focused on upgrading services and standards as much as possible, slowly but surely. And the one side of the business I enjoy, as those who know me well will attest, is the food. So this week is all about the food at Pamuzinda, and I shall feature a recent menu.

Here, then, the dining room. In the background is the swimming pool, and the roof is thatched:

The starter was a squid pocket filled with minced and herbed wildebeest meat, served with roasted cherry tomatoes and hollandaise sauce. A kind of surf and turf thing, African-style . . .

In the background above you can see the roasted squid pockets before we sliced them.

For the fish course we served crumbed goujons of hake with a lettuce and grape salad. I also made a tartare sauce (not shown) with mayonnaise, onions and gherkins, into which I put a little horseradish sauce. One of my more successful experiments!

Then the main course comprised of roast impala with spinach & feta stuffing, served with gem squash, roast potatoes, a red wine gravy and rosella jelly:

Being such a long way from town, our meat-sourcing tends to be in supermarkets that would be unrecognizable to my American and European audiences. Suffice to say we do not have natural predators here, (the lions are kept in enclosures), and we only 'buy' old males from the shelves . . .

Of course, such unconventional shopping tends to lead to lead.

In the food.

If you know what I mean.

So we have to be very careful to trim our meat properly when it arrives . . .

Good save!

That may have caused a few toothaches, methinks.

In conclusion - several folk have contacted me through the blog who I lost touch with ages ago. If you enjoy following it - please do me a favor and click on 'share' below and the facebook icon. Maybe I will find more old friends popping up. Thanks.

Have a great day!

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