Tuesday, December 2, 2014

More stuff that would like to bite me . . .

Continuing with my series on stuff here that seems to want to bite, sting or paralyze me, see if you can spot the potential danger lurking in the photo below. I had been about to walk through the gate of my house when an urgent shout stopped me in my tracks . . .  

It was a snake - his head at the same level as mine, and poking out in a 'ready-to-strike' posture, even though he turned out to be fairly harmless.

As an interesting note - can you see the Crucifix Spider on the gate? He builds a web with a distinctive cross weaved into it - I shall feature him in the next couple of days.

Maybe you will find the snake easier to spot against the sky?

How he was seen by the staff I am not sure - though I guess the local folk here have some sort of innate inbuilt antennae system!

This is a clearer picture of my door-ambushing visitor:

Would he have hurt me? Well, no not really - the spotted bush snake is not considered lethal, and so I helped him on his way with a few gentle prods with a stick.

Not the case, however, with the fellow pictured below. This is a black mamba, found hiding in the thatch roof above the buffet table . . .

Not an extremely large specimen - but they are lethal whatever size they are (you have around 20 minutes to get help), and this one was put permanently out of action by the gardener wearing green in the background. His catapult came in handy, as well as a spear that had been hanging on the wall as decoration. As some of you know - the black mamba is not actually black - the name comes from the colour of the inside of his mouth, which is black when open. Like the cottonmouth snake of North America - which has a white mouth.

This new home of mine has some biting stuff, for sure. I think I am going to hang spears on my wall at home for easy access. Maybe in the garden as well. In fact, I may take to carrying one around with me.

Have a great day.


  1. Hi Simon,

    I hate snakes! I guess it is from growing up in Ireland. Where is St. Patrick when you need him?

    Tucson, AZ

    1. But this was a 'goodie' Noreen! I used to keep a snake as a pet once upon a time (as a kid). Very quiet and no fuss at all.