Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pushed by a goblin!

I am alive! Almost nine days after my last posting, I can report while I very nearly died - life is still in these old bones, and you can all look forward to the most interesting blogs...

In the world.

So what have we been up to while I was busy trying to kill myself? Well, my cousin was here from England, and so we managed to take a couple of days off. We went to Nyanga where we stayed at Connemara (up above Troutbeck), renting a house by the lake. This is the view from the house down to the water...

Now the same view from the house - first thing the very next morning. The frost was around, and the lake was smokin'! Tell me if you can't feel the cold in this photo?

This is a view of the lake to the side of the house - invisible with the mist coming off the water, and you can see the frost on the grass. Interesting little statue of a guardian angel in the pic too...

This is another side view of the frost in the garden, and this was the last picture I took... before I almost killed myself. Literally. If you look at the wooden railing in the foreground, you will see water droplets, - only it is not water (as I has thought) but ice. Solid ice.  I then walked down the steps you can just see leading downwards in the background - not realising that the bottom six steps were also covered in a solid sheet of ice.

And my feet went straight out from underneath me...

To say that I fell hard would be an understatement - my feet slipping away into thin air, and I crashed down onto the stairs, ribbling my way down that last 4 steps to the concrete at the bottom after a one-point landing on my butt while smashing my finger into the bannister. In the process I threw away the camera, and that has now ceased to work - the lens permanently extended, and the screen just a white outline. I can take photos though can't see what I have taken. But will persevere. And I was lucky - I could very easily have killed myself.

I must say that I had been aware that the steps were a little slippery, and thought I was being very careful. But it was almost as if I was pushed hard from behind by a goblin, or something.

(And for those of you who don't live in Africa, and who don't believe in goblins - they are VERY real indeed!)

On an entirely different note, I am happy to tell you all that I have managed, with the help and guidance of my cousin Alice, to re-edit the book completely, and a whole lot of punctuation has been changed. I also have changed the author pic, which many of you pointed out was taken several years ago, and I have replaced it with this up-to-date photo taken today. With my daughter's camera!

Let me know what you think? I think I look very handsome indeed. Thank you.

Have a great day one and all!

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  1. Updated photo with your goblin keeping an eye on you.