Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stuff that made me look twice.

Occasionally (quite frequently, actually) on my travels I come across things that make me take a second look. Zimbabwe is that kind of place. So today is a melange of things - but all of them made me look twice.

These four pics were all taken on a road trip to Harare and back - on the same day.

Along the way, we saw what looked like a hang-glider coming in to land - but though the wing span was correct, the shape of it was a little wrong. Incredibly it turned out to be a marabou stork! I have never seen these birds outside of the Zambezi Valley area of Zim - and so this was, for me, quite a sight.

Then - in the little-known town of Rusape - around the back opposite the pharmacy, I discovered - unbeknown to me, that one of the largest (I think the largest) retail chain in England has set up shop in Zim! I took this pic on the move because sometimes folk don't want you taking photographs, and you have to look carefully to see the name of the shop......

Yup - that's right, Tescos of Rusape!

In my book, I make mention of Shona proverbs, and how confusing they can be. Well, once the Shona get hold of an English proverb, they can twist and tweak it until the same thing happens. You know what they are getting at - but the meaning kind of eludes you!

Obviously fortune favours bolds. Yes?

Lastly - here is a business that has gone to great lengths to advertise their name on the side of their building. Several times. And..........all incorrectly spelled!

In case you are wondering - this is to the right of the ZESA building in Mutare.

Have a great day!

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