Saturday, August 10, 2013

The day the driver lost the key. Shame.

So - today, just a few photos from some of our road trips.. Vehicles being used, and abused, in peculiarly Zimbabwean fashion!

What do you do when you lose the metal side struts of your vehicle, and you need to carry some poles? Well - simple enough, really.....

Now then - how to carry a load - Zim-style!

Is it possible to smuggle a dead rhino with a car? A little careful planning...... and the answer is a resounding 'Yes!'. All you have to do is find a dead rhino, get hold of a decent-sized tarpaulin, wipe off your number plate, and away you go! No-one will suspect a thing.....

Buses in Zim have an incredible capacity to store stuff on the roof. In fact, unless the bus is a 'luxury' bus, most all of the belongings will be transported up there. thank goodness we don't have too much rain here!

Here, then, is a Tenda bus. Considered the height of luxury, they have padded seats and all the mod-cons you could wish for, like windows and so on. They also have ample space for luggage - and here you can see the rear luggage compartment, into which the driver places the various suitcases and crates of chickens which normally go on top of our vehicles here. There are also compartments on the side, and these storage lockers are all locked while the bus is on its journey, so that vagabonds cannot steal the contents.

Sooooo.....what happens when the driver loses the key to the rear luggage compartment? Well - if that was to happen, can you understand that the passengers would take matters into their own hands and open the compartment by themselves in order to retrieve their luggage?

Of course, it is not so good for the bus when that happens, but c'est la vie.....

And on that happy note - have a great day!

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