Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Some not so true worm pics!

So - another day, and another blog. And - as promised, the rest of the American group eating Mopane worms. However...........

Despite this being a Mission trip - I have to (sadly) tell you that two of the following pictures are a lie. Although it looks as though the worms are being eaten with much manipulation of forks and worms, the dreadful truth is that:

a) One of the folk photographed did not manage to put the worm into the mouth
b) Another of the folk photographed managed to put the worm into the mouth - held it there for several agonising seconds............and re-introduced it to the table.

You try and work out who was the coward, and who regurgitated:

First off we have Ashley, who you will recall featured in the last blog - carefully cutting the butt of her worm so that she could eat it! You know she had the worm in her mouth - but did it stay there? And......why did she feel that she had to sing to her food?

Next we have Diane S. Could she have been guilty? Surely the fork was lifted the whole way? And the worm didn't go anywhere but down, down, down, did it?

Next was Diane T. The intention is there, but did she manage to bite down? And retain the worm?

Next we have Bob, with Jennifer - the star of the last blog, once again doing her thing in the foreground! Surely Bob would not have let the side down surrounded by so many women?

Lastly Elaine - who came to Africa to look for a younger boyfriend. And succeeded! Elaine is in the background in dark top - getting busy with her fork. (In the foreground is Dr Sylvia who managed the fastest time yet by an American lady - as per yesterdays blog. She is eating her food while being watched disbelievingly by Joyce - another great facial expression!). Surely Elaine didn't just play with her food?

So - just who were the "epic fails"? I can reveal that the person who.........

- Didn't manage to get the worm into her mouth despite pretence is in pic 3 - Daine T

- Managed to get the worm into her mouth but not past her tonsils is in pic 1 - Ashley.

Better luck next time ladies!

Have a great day one and all.


  1. LOL, I'm dying over here reading this. I DID however, manage to CHEW and even swallow one at The Boma! Both myself AND Andrew! Success!

    And PS - thanks for an incredible time, Simon! I can't wait to come back.

    1. Nope. Sorry. Doesn't count in my book unless I see it happen.... spies and political agitators have lied to me before! But hope you guys DO come back - was great hosting you all XX