Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A golfing legend is born...

Having missed several days - I am now posting twice today in an effort to catch up a little!

While the group was staying at La Rochelle, I had the privilege and very great pleasure of playing a round of golf with one of the participants - Dave Talbot. And on that day, a golfing legend was born!

The whole time the group has been with us - we have had rain - pretty much constant and heavy. Dave only had one afternoon on which he could set aside some time, and so we set out in pouring rain (after steady downfalls for the previous 5 days) more in the hope than in the expectation that we would be able to fit 9 holes in. As we reached the boom gate of the Leopard Rock - within sight of the first fairway, the rain stopped, and we were able to walk to the 10th Tee box almost straight away. A miracle!

Dave and his wife Beverley had played golf with me some years ago, and so the course was not new to him. Here are some pictures of the round.... with commentary.

The start of the Back Nine - with Dave having hit a vicious hook into the trees and thick undergrowth on the left of the 11th fairway!

This was Dave's most beautiful shot - the the most beautiful hole - the signature 14th at Leopard Rock. Angels in their flight must have hit to greens like this! (With apologies to David Livingstone!)

This is the 17th Green at Leopard Rock - with a magnificent view over the 'Burma Valley' - located in Zimbabwe. The clouds were just working their way back in below us when this photo was taken....

Here is Dave - having picked his ball out of the water hazard on 18 - allowing his back leg to collapse so that he could hit it right back into the water! Notice the mist in the background.

Modesty precludes me from saying who won the game - however there was a rather serious consequence to the day. Dave stayed a further two days with us - and every time I came into a room - in this instance the Dining Room, he would leap to his feet, raise his hands and face heavenwards, and shout out loudly "All hail the great golfer Simon". He would then prostrate himself on the floor or across the table and remain there until I had left the room.

Most curious behavior - which continued for two days!!

I think the facial expressions of the rest of the group show what they thought of this development?

So who's the great golfer now?

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