Saturday, January 19, 2013

Eaters of worms!

Apologies for no post yesterday - the rain came down, the signal went dead, and I had to leave for Marondera to attend a Swimming Gala at Peterhouse, and to visit my children there.

So - the worms.

In fact, this group was braver, byt percentage, than any I have hosted before. Although each of them were served two worms, of the Americans, only Jim managed to eat two, as did Simba the Driver; but he doesn't count, does he? Still - I think 6 out of 12 managed an enhanced protein intake (the "Lance Armstrongs" of Zimbabwe?), while the other 6 fell at the fence!

The first successful diner was, unsurprisingly, Jim - and he was in fact so quick that I didn't manage a photo. Here are the other five.......

What is fun to note as you look at the pics, are the facial expressions of the neighbors at the table! Remember the folk had the choice - as with a chocolate Easter bunny, of starting with the head - which is very distinct and black. Or the butt. Which is at the other end!

This is Arielle - who managed to look more horrified than the onlookers as she ate her worm - which was quite a feat!

This is Amy taking the plunge. She pronounced the worm 'crunchy' - but forgot to mention what it tastes like. (It tastes just as it should - like worm).

This is Melissa - who feel deeply and madly in love with Shupa the hotel cat! She ate the worm with 'long teeth' indeed - though why she had to hold a serviette under her mouth is anyone's guess! (And Barbara - in the background, was one of the 'decliners'!)

This is Charlie - the leader of the group. He was among the bravest of the lot! Two of the 'young ones' were too scared to even try eating a worm .....

This is Erica - with fork in the foreground - having just placed a mopane worm in her mouth. The bulging eyes are a dead give-away!

However - not all were honest - here are the two cheaters of the group - Sue and Debbie - showing clean plates after they...........gave their worms to Simba the driver to eat! Note the accusatory glare in the background!

A great evening - and lots of laughter! Enjoyed by everyone - except the worms!


  1. Simon, we had so much fun at La Rochelle!

    1. Hey Mona! Yes - there was a lot of fun!

      I have an idea - I don't know if you have read all the blogs - there are over 60 now, but what do you think of the idea of printing, say, 90 in a book - all dated for next year from January onward, and folk could read a page a day every morning as they sat on the toilet. Each page would be dated, and would have space to fill in birthdays and special events - kind of like a wall calendar plus diary plus humor book, and I would sell it with a small 'stand' of some kind so you could hook it to the toilet as you sat there.

      Then as the year progressed I would have a book every 3 months (4 books in all) with 365 blogs for a morning read. Whaddya think?

      My problem then would be to find a publisher crazy enough to try and print and market for me. I was thinking they should be called "Down the toilet in Africa January-March 2014" or something similar. And I am sure I could find a good pic to put on the front.

      I would not pout the days of the week - only '1st January' etc - and that way they would be usable for any year. The full set would make a great Christmas gift, and I reckon I could fine enough material to keep it interesting for a year.

      There would be lots of animals in it - and a very African flavor, but do you think it would sell in the USA?

      XX Simon

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