Monday, January 7, 2013

So begins a new chapter.....

Yesterday after posting the blog - it was time to start getting my girls off to school. As from this year, all three will be attending Peterhouse School - located in Marondera, which is two hours by car away from La Rochelle. We decided to travel there yesterday and spend the night there, so that we would not have a long journey this morning as the new children had to be there by 07.30am. My eldest two daughters have been at school there for the past two two and four years respectively, and this year my youngest daughter, Courtney, starts at Peterhouse in Form 1.

The school is an all-girls boarding school, and so for Courtney it is the beginning of a new chapter of her life. Here are my three girls - ready for school this morning! Dayna, Cara and Courtney. Only girls in their last two years of school are allowed heels - and Cara has a different tie because she has been awarded half colors for volleyball.

Before they started the day, we had a big breakfast, with fruit, yogurt and cereals, followed by sausage, bacon and scrambled eggs - their last 'home' meal. They have 3 months of school food to look forward to from here onward!

We sent three children from the little school at La Rochelle to Peterhouse - all three obviously being first-time boarders. The three children have been at school with each other since kindergarten when they were four years old, and they have been together ever since. Here are "our" children - Courtney, Jess and Shannon, now aged 12 and at boarding school, standing in front of the school chapel...

This is Courtney's locker - all her worldly possessions for the next 3 months are kept here, and this is her bed. She shares a small cubicle with another child (Hannah) who has the identical mirror set-up to the right of this pic.

So begins a new chapter........

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