Sunday, January 6, 2013

When is a car not a car....?

When it is a house - obviously

Just to prove that it is not only the Russians who are "Crayzeee - I tell you" - here is a picture of a Dutch couple who have been staying in the grounds of La Rochelle since before Christmas. Their car becomes their house and then back again - whichever is needed at the time. This photo was taken at night (which is why the background is black?) and it was drizzling with rain at the time, so there was an awful lot of balancing of umbrellas going on to take the pic!

Jaap and Marianne had just received news that very night (last night) that they had again become Grandparents - so they had been to the hotel for a celebratory dinner. Afterwards, they very kindly agreed to let me photograph them in bed. A sort of 'John and Yoko' moment - African style!

They have left on their travels now - and are in Mozambique astonishing the locals there, I would imagine!

Interesting little note - can you guess what kind of tree is also caught in the pic?

Hmmmm - I wonder how many correct responses to that one! Emails to

Herewith some 'crayzeeee, I tell you' Dutchmen!

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