Wednesday, January 16, 2013

McDaniel College

Apologies to regular followers for the protracted silence - the recent heavy rains have proved problematic with connecting, and we have had a few computers battling for space. Normal service is hereby resumed!

We have been host for the past 2 weeks to a group led by Charlie Moore (who is mentioned in "Sorry for that!") and they mostly have a connection to McDaniel College in the good old U S of A. Their objectives have been varied, and they have been out most days on various projects - with a day at Imire thrown in for good measure.

Herewith the group that has been hogging all my bandwidth, laughing at me in my own dining room.........

In addition to the connectivity problems - I am still having hassles with uploading pics if I go in through Google - and have to use Google Chrome if I want to upload. Anyone have any suggestions?

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