Monday, January 28, 2013

Paying attention, or not?

Today's posting will seem a little strange if you have not yet read yesterdays blog, (The day the Olympics came to Mutare) as it follows on from there.

So - back to the coaches, and their poolside antics. As these events happened yesterday - I may have made a few errors in recollection - and if so, I apologize in advance! The five ladies who devote so much of their time to training the children of Manicaland to swim, and who mentor the various provincial and club teams, were all present. In attendance were Carmel, Natalie, Anneke, Della and Anne.

Anne is the Chairperson of Manicaland Swimming, and it was her efforts yesterday that caused the most astonishment....

Following on from the debacle with the butterfly demonstration, Kirsty then started to talk about the 'crawl' or 'freestyle' stroke, and she made special emphasis of the fact that only one hand should be out of the water at any one time. Guess what?

Kirsty focused on the correct body position on entering the water in a freestyle race, and talked about the 'streamline' position. Anneke managed this to some extent (though Della's reaction indicates that she thought Anneke could be a little more streamlined) - but Anne simply made crocodile biting actions with her hands, all the time growling fiercely.

Kirsty was continuing to explain the arm movements involved in the crawl stroke, and she asked the children to raise their left hand to '11 o'clock'. Predictably.....

Eventually something had to give, and it was left to Della to finally reach over and give Anne a short, sharp 'klap' to the side of her head to get her paying attention again!

This development seemed to delight Anneke - and she showed her reaction to the crowd behind her..

While Courtney was a little less restrained in her reaction!

From there onward, everything was boringly normal!

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