Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A troubled bridge over water. (With apologies to Simon & Garfunkel)

So - the journey Southwards.

Those of you who have read my book will be aware of the 2 somewhat disastrous crossings I have had at Beitbridge - once without a passport, and once without a car. So - call it psycho-somatic if you will, I have a deep-seated fear of 'the bridge'.

However - once through the Zim side - there was the familiar footbridge - over which I had crossed the Limpopo the last two times I had visited South Africa. The footbridge runs parallel to the vehicle bridge (which shuddered and swayed alarmingly every time a big truck went over it), and the great grey-green greasy river all set about with fever trees can be seen in the background...

Somewhat strangely for this time of year, there seemed to be an inordinately large number of Americans crossing the bridge on foot, loaded up with fast food, as always!

But there was still the other side of the bridge to negotiate. And as proof that we did in fact cross the border, I managed to take a photo despite all the warnings not to...........

So I decided that the only solution was to try and get through the South African Customs and Immigration in disguise - just in case someone remembered me from my previous crossings. It is hard to disguise yourself at a border post, but I did my best...........

Strangely this only served to draw attention to myself!

More tomorrow. Have a great day.

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