Saturday, April 20, 2013

More signs from our travels

Different signs evoke different reactions, depending on the perspective of the viewer. Here are a few signs - all but the first from our travels to South Africa - and all evoking different responses....

The first is from London - and while it will be of no interest to those folk living outside of Zim - for us we were really proud to be at the Olympics. This is taken from along the Marathon route (before the idiots of the world decided that marathons were a legitimate bombing target) and our runners acquitted themselves very well indeed - especially in the men's marathon.

The next is something that caught my eye - simply because we don't have 'drive-through' takeaways in Zimbabwe. And because I found humour in the sign! (Despite the atrocious Americanised spelling of the word 'through'!)

Now - the next pic. This is, to me slightly scary. Is this a huge repository of teacups, plates and bowls?

Nope - this is proof of the rapid Chinese investment in Africa - going largely unnoticed by the Western wold. Apparently the Chinese are far and away the second largest ethnic group in Zimbabwe - and they have been present here for not much more than 5 years - while Caucasians and Asians have been here for well over a century. This pic was taken in South Africa and is of a wholesaler. They bring to Africa people and cheap sub-standard goods, and take away our gold, diamonds and other natural resources

Then this sign - on a shop in Rutenga. The questions to be asked here are:

a) What do you think the Owner of the shop was doing when he thought of the name for his business?
b) Do you think he has spelling difficulties in line 2? Has 'The Family' really spread its tentacles that far into Zimbabwean society that they now have a shop in Rutenga?
c) Then line 3 - did you suddenly realise he is not a bad egg after all?

However - the presence of the formidable iron grill would suggest this is more of an 'Inconvenience Store'!!!

Have a great day!


  1. Oh you really are making me "homesick" for Zimbabwe. Way to go. Thanks for the link.

    1. Hi Bonnie. You are very welcome - next time you come we will put you on the blog! Have a great day! XX Simon