Sunday, April 28, 2013

An afternoon in Nyanga - part 2

So - the second in the Nyanga series.

Just upstream of the snot-coated slide is a waterfall which flows into a large pool - so large in fact, that it is 10 feet deep in places, and despite the freezing water temperatures (winter is definitely coming to Africa right now - and the waters of Nyanga are cold enough all year round to play home to trout) and with total disregard as to the creepies that might share it with them, the younger children all plunged in.

This is swimming as it should be - and childhood as it should be. Never mind Gungnum-style - this is 'growing up' Zim-style.
Of course - once you get to the waterfall - you have to sit in it - don't you?

Then there was the game involving diving from the bank and catching onto the branch of a tree that overhangs the pond - and swinging on it. (Just in case you had skin left on your palms after grasping at rocks all afternoon)

The water temperature cannot have been much above freezing - and my eldest daughter and wife were unable to conceal their incredulity when the younger children first dived into the frigid pool!

What sissies they were!

Of course - I didn't swim myself, but I had the heavy responsibility of taking photographs. Had that not been the case, I am almost sure I would also have dived in.

Have a great day!


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