Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm back - for better or worse!

I'm back!

Apologies to those who have looked for me - I had to go to South Africa with our local swimming team, and the power cable for my laptop failed on my final night in Zim, which meant I was unable to warn you all that the blog might be a little sporadic. I have now bought a new cable, and am once again "on air".

Your daily dose of 'feel-good blog' is back - and here to stay!

And thankfully after a long road trip plus camera, I have returned with many gems, so the weeks ahead are going to be very blogful! And very full of mombes - or cattle for those reading this in USA, UK, and Russia!

The reason for the trip was a Swim Meet (as the Americans call it) - a Level One Gala being held in Pretoria, South Africa. My daughters Courtney and Dayna had both made qualifying times, and our little town of Mutare managed to send 5 swimmers to compete.

There were well over 700 children swimming, and they came from 8 different African countries,  so the pool was kind of busy. So busy, in fact that they had to allocate 'warm-up' times for the different age groups at the start of every session to stop the children swimming into each other. Even then, the water was busy. This was the pool at 07.15 every morning....

My youngest daughter Courtney took part in the 200m Freestyle - this is a picture of the children waiting on the chairs before the Starter called them to the starting blocks. She is the forlorn blue cap pretty much in the centre:

After her race, Courtney returned to the stands - where she received the congratulations of her sisters. They were delighted with her performance!

And why were they sisters so pleased? Well, with the large number of kids swimming, the chances of a medal were fairly slim. But........not zero!

Yay! Strike one for the good guys from the North! And well done for smiling!

More tomorrow on our many travels - and SOOOOOOOO nice to be back!

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