Monday, April 22, 2013

Zimbabwean taxis.

So today we look at Public Transport on the highways and byways of Zimbabwe.

We have many and varied forms of transport - the most common being what we call a 'bhasikoro'. Those are the things Lance Armstrong takes steroids to ride. But it is in the arena of public transport that we excel - so today we will cover taxis, and tomorrow buses.

This is a picture of a taxi rank. You can see the taxis lined up under the trees!

And here is a fully loaded taxi - about to pass over Birchenough Bridge (This bridge - when constructed, was the largest single-span suspension bridge in the world at the time! I bet you didn't know THAT about Zimbabwe?). Note how the taxi driver has his hand flat on the accelerator!! (Some of the modified racing versions can get from 0-15 in 60 seconds flat!)

Our taxis have many disadvantages - they are slow, somewhat wet in rainy weather, and the motors tend to poop when you are least expecting it! But............tell me how many taxi passengers in Britain, America and Russia (where 21 people, incredibly, follow this blog every day!) are as happy as our passengers here in Zim?

How many?

Zero - that's how many!

And there is one other advantage to having this type of taxi.

When one of your motors dies on you, you take it out of the taxi, pack it up in a box, and then sell it to a Retail Company called "Tesco" which is in England.  Apparently they process our taxi motors, and then sell them on to the adoring British public as something called 'Beef Lasagna'.

Hard to believe, but true!

Have a great day!

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