Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An afternoon in Nyanga - part 1

I will return to our travels in a couple of days - but today and tomorrow I would like to share with you an afternoon in the Nyanga mountains of Zim.

On Sunday we took the children to Nyanga - these are the mountains that run along the eastern border of the country, and it is here that our highest peak, Mount Inyangani is found. We visited friends and they have a 'river' running through their property - not quite the Mississippi (which I learned to spell properly at Junior school) but a decent enough body of water. Despite almost freezing water temperatures, the kids took along swim-wear, and so the afternoon was set.

The river tumbles over a small ledge, and then over some fairly smooth rock, before falling away at the bottom.

At the bottom of the smoothish rock is another waterfall that tumbles over a steep precipice.

The rocks were covered with a very slimy, green algae - and the whole rock face was treacherously slippery where the water flowed, making walking very difficult. However, it did mean that the kids could slide down it at great speed! This is what we call a 'slide'.

The only important thing to remember is that you should stop before the drop at the bottom! A hugely fun afternoon was spent slipping and sliding down the rocks.

And - how to describe this slime which provided such a fine afternoon's entertainment? Because it certainly was slippery. We tried several descriptions....

- as slimy as a frog?
- as slimy as a snail?
- as slimy as a slug?

Fortunately we found just the right description... the algae was as slimy as.........

That's right - as slimy as snot. You got that right first time!

Have a nice day.

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