Saturday, July 13, 2013

Put your left foot in, put your right foot out!

Today's blog was inspired by a sign posted at our local Chicken Supplier and, as I like to do - here is a challenge for you all: Can you tell me what they are selling?

So the 'BUTION' part comes from the word 'distribution' cut in half. But do you need a closer look at the last item for sale? Here you go.......

So - here's the answer: Walkie-Talkies are bags of chicken heads and feet. And they are very popular in the local Supermarkets indeed. If you didn't know - and guessed right, consider yourself highly intelligent!

Here, then, a bag of  'Walkies' - in other words, just chicken feet. I could show you a bag of 'Talkies', but that is a little graphic, even for the "Sorry for that!" blog.

It looks as though some of the Walkies actually tried to escape....... but failed!

 So we eat feet? Of course we do. Herewith (for the second showing) a choice cut of goat ready for sale at our local butchery....


and some specially selected pork roasts, at our local pork shop....

 Sooooo............. they say 'You are what you eat'.


Which means that - to foreigners, we Zimbos must look pretty odd - considering our diet!

Here then, a couple of Zimbabweans admiring my now-flowering petunias, as we must appear to a foreigner........


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