Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Some screen-savers for the girls.

So today - an answer to a question to the blog.

I have had a regular reader from Russia ask me whether we have flowers at La Rochelle. Quite aside from silly foot photos, he said that he thought La Rochelle had a Botanical Garden, and yet I don't ever show flowers. So today is just pics of flowers - courtesy of a guest who stayed last month - Ted.

All of these pics were taken over a three day period, and show (I hope) the diversity of floral life here at La Rochelle - if you just look around you!

And for all you girls out there - maybe one of these would make a good screen-saver for you?

The beauty of the Botanical Gardens at La Rochelle is that there are a lot of 'exotics' - plants from all over the world. While this annoys the purists, it does mean that we have something in flower pretty much all year round. This is winter in Zimbabwe - which means that the aloes are in bloom, and all is well with the world.....

There are in fact three distinctly different types of aloe in flower right now.

The aloes flowering means - sun birds. Lots of them, at this time of year.

Then there are the flowering plants - hands up who knows what this is called?

And the flowering trees - always a feature of La Rochelle....

And another of the same...

and a different flowering tree

With, as a final pic, a shot of the stream that flows through the garden almost all year round. This photo was taken down near the place that we host the wedding ceremonies.

So - in answer to your question, Ivor, "Yes - we do have flowers at La Rochelle"!

Have a great day

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  1. Simon. Mate. Dear Cuz. I always look back on that short time at La Rochelle with much fondness, but I had forgotten the truly magic atmosphere of the place. Thanks - truly special memories.