Monday, July 8, 2013

Some small steps for mankind....

This past week-end, my wife and I went to Nyanga, for a rather special celebration - which turned out even more special than any of us had anticipated. Here are a couple of pics from our travels...

First off, for those of you who live outside of Zim (and we have regular readers of this blog from Ukraine, Russia, UAE, Lithuania, as well as the Aus, USA and UK folk) Nyanga is our highlands here in Zimbabwe. If you look at the relief map of Southern Africa, the largest feature are the Drakensburg Mountains in South Africa - and the name refers to the fact that they look like a dragon's back. However, if the tip of the dragon's tail came off (like a lizard's tail can do) - then that is what our Nyanga, Chimanimani and Vumba mountains look like - the the dragon's tail. Thrashing about on the floor behind the dragon!

Here are some of the mountains visible on the way to Troutbeck where our ceremony was taking place...

Nyanga is cold - but we went there for the dedication of a child - a simple but poignant ceremony where thanks are given for the life, and the Godparents witness him being 'returned' to God. Nyanga is a great place for such ceremonies. Here is the view from the house we stayed at, and as this is our winter here, the frost lay 'deep and crisp and even' on the ground early in the morning:

Here is Riley and his Mom during the dedication. Riley has just turned 9 months old:

After the dedication, we had a "braai" - basically chicken, beef steaks, pork chops, sausages and kebabs grilled over hot coals, and then served with salads and sauces. Was this the really special thing that happened for Riley? Nope - this is normal Zimbo life:

So what could be greater than Riley's dedication, followed by a braai? Well - not long afterwards.....he started to walk! Just like that! A little wobbly at first, with lots of hands ready to catch him. But walking all the same! So here, for posterity on the "Sorry for that!" blog - is indisputable proof that 9-month old Mr Riley is a walker:

He was initially tempted across the floor by a bottle of nail varnish (polish?) - as you can see above, and this may cause him some odd fashion penchants when he grows up. But never mind that - he walked! For the first time. And I was there to see it. How cool is THAT???

And just look how well he was walking by the end of the evening! A real professional!

Have a great day! (But understand it won't be half as great as Riley's day was!)


  1. Listen, cuz. I mean it's all, well, very meaningful and all, ketchup? You eat sausages with no ketchup? I mean, sure, you're not savages or anything, but we're talking ketchup here.
    Anyway, love and blessings (and ketchup) for wee Riley and we will meet again some day. :-)

  2. Ah. Just seen the ketchup on the table, next to the mustard - all is forgiven!

  3. Hiya Cuz - yes it was there - though wasn't sausages! they were boerwors - but hard to explain to folk that haven't eaten them. You have! Also have you bought the book? You are on page 187 roundabouts! Cheers