Friday, July 5, 2013

The Parable of the Sower.

Before I start on today's blog - just a note from the past......

Regular readers will recall the blog titled "Stealing candy....... from a baby or two", posted on 7th June (you can see the old posts on the right of this page if you didn't read that one) in which I explained how we had set a trap to catch a thief. I also promised to let you know what happened, and the answer is....nothing much. After a couple of days of waiting, no-one came to steal again, so Shakemore - my shadowy figure in blue cap, was sent to 'Mad' Theresa's kraal - where we found the lost rucksacks and plastic lunch-boxes.

We spoke to her parents, and it turns out that Theresa had been perfectly normal, until a child of hers died - and that is when she went a bit loopy. Under the circumstances we asked the parents to make sure she didn't come and steal from us again - and let the matter drop. No pics, and no blog.

So now today's blog - and I promise that everything pictured is genuine - no 'doctoring' at all!

Most all of you have heard the "Parable of the Sower", and so when we decided that we would plant some petunias, we decided to make sure that we would sow our seed in fertile ground. We got some compost, fertilised the soil, and planted the seed in a nice straight line.......

And we are on the cusp of having some pretty cool (pardon the pun) flowers. They sure are coming along.......

Having taken great care to plant them out nicely, nurture them and feed them, we then watered them pretty much every day. It is hard to water such a narrow flower bed, but they are coming along nicely. Can you see which is the best petunia we have managed to grow?

Yes - you spotted it! The biggest and best plant is there - growing in the concrete, from a seed that fell onto stony ground! Believe it.

And we are not the only ones who like the 'stony ground' petunia! The dogs think it is pretty cool too...

So the lesson here is - if you want lots of plants - fertile is good. But if you want really big flowers, then sow your seed in stony, or even better, concrete ground.

Have a great day!

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