Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Try and explain this? BOOM!!

Today we have one of those delightful 'African mysteries' - of which I am so fond.......

"The mystery of the unexplained booms". Brought to my attention by Sarah and Richard-John Palmer - thank you.

Two members of the group we recently hosted remained behind with after the others left, and the photos for todays blog were taken by Dana Warren on his way to Harare Airport - many thanks.

In case you don't know Dana - he was the only American to stay in the hotel over the entire month of June 2013 who was able to hold a wine glass properly. (Please see my blog titled "Un-bee-leave-able" posted on 28th June). He and his wife Julie accompanied us to the Greek Club in Mutare for a meal the night before they left - and I must state here that this is the best half chicken I have eaten in a very long time. A lot of effort & care has gone into upgrading standards there - highly recommended.

The thing is this. On the way to Harare, in an open field adjacent to the main highway at Macheke, there are two booms - facing each other. They are beautiful - with new paint, graduated boom arms, rubberised catch-plates, cemented legs, and perfectly balanced. But............they serve no purpose that I can see.

I know that some of you will have thought that the 'boom' referred to in the title today is an exclamation at the end of a sentence for emphasis (don't ask me how I know that - but I do!), however these are genuine metal booms. Here is a real, steel, hinged and painted boom - with the highway in the background, and the assorted waiting bus passengers, vendors, vagabonds and smoke from fires used to roast mealies who will all confirm that this is, indeed, a main arterial road.

So here is ......... a boom in a field:

And........there is not just one of them - there are two - facing each other.

Another view looking away from the road - this time showing the complete lack of roads, buildings, or nuclear power stations in that particular Macheke field... But with the booms standing proudly! (The one in the background is a little tricky to spot - but it is there!

Another view of the booms - taken facing south and the second boom a bit easier to spot - with the balancing rock of Macheke in the background....

Anyone, and I mean anyone, who can explain what purpose these booms serve, can write to me with suggestions. The prize will be global exposure in the worlds' best-loved-blog!!

Have a great day! BOOM!!!!!!Link to purchase "Sorry for that!" in book form

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