Monday, July 1, 2013

Stand back Escoffier. (And all other classical chefs!)

Those of you who know Mutare well will have had occasion to eat at the 'Pork Club' - otherwise known as the Portuguese Club.

Quite aside from being politically incorrect, calling it the 'Pork' Club is very misleading because when you eat there you have a choice of chicken. Not pork. Chicken.

Just that.

Chicken. Flame-gilled. The only real decision you have to make is if you want the left side of the chicken.....or the right side of the chicken.

Spiced with peri peri, it can be mild, medium or hot. But that's your choice - half-chicken and chips. And very nice it is too - to be eaten with the hands only!

So when a family relative - Erin, came home at age 19 after leaving at age 9, those folk who knew her gathered at the Portuguese Club for chicken. Here, then, our merry band...

And here are the misguided youth of Mutare. Kind of scary, no?

And just how do you cook 24 half-chickens so that they are ready at the same time? Well, the check-list is quite simple really...

1) Build a brick fireplace in your kitchen
2) Fill it with really, really hot coals
3) Find a chef
4) Buy a nice white uniform for the chef
5) Find him a pair of long tongs so that he won't get burned as he turns the chickens
6) Get 24 half-chickens and smear them with peri peri
7) Cook the chickens over the open flames turning constantly
8) Serve when ready

Oh well.........6 out of 8 ain't bad!

or.......wait, has he got tongs in his other hand? Let's see.........

Nope! No wonder the chicken is so tasty! (Very!)

Have a great day!

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