Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tell me if this doesn't blow you away?

Sorry for the late post - but I have been really busy today - with not a soul in the hotel. Pretty much a full day's work.......doing stuff for Amazon.

A good number of you have bought my book via Kindle (and thank you those that have!) - but many have asked for a hard copy. So I spent the day arranging for a self-published version - via Amazon. It has been quite a challenge, and loads of trouble with formatting, syntax, gutters and margin widths - not to mention imbedded fonts.

But........ I've submitted my offering to the gods of publishing, and we shall see what they think.

However - they made one teeny weeny mistake in all of this, because while they offer to design your cover and so on (for vast amounts of money) - they also give you the chance to design your own (for free). No contest!

Which means you get to write all over the back of a book.

Not you - but me!

How cool is that? And how brave of Amazon to think I would be in the least bit sensible - knowing that every man, woman and child reads the back of the book first?

So today - just the one picture (twice) - and would love your thoughts on this. Tell me if it didn't give you a small chuckle?

Here - subject to 'approval' - (whatever that means), is my book - front cover, spine and back. I have posted a small pic so you can see the whole outline - and then a big one so you can read.

And here is it in closer detail....

Not sure when you will be able to order it - or even from where, but will keep you all posted! And if you DO buy it - I promise to sign anything placed in front of me with a flourish.

Please, please, share this with your friends! Thanks.

Have a great day!


  1. Brill coz! And 'a flourish' - is that some kind of beer? Oh, OK, I'll buy you one, because the Antiques Roadshow (AD 2213)will have one of my offspring sprogs flogging said tome for $$$$s! Good on yer mate, and I am soo happy that the UK rellies won't feature..

  2. Not so sure if they will get oodles of boodle, Charles. But enough blackmail material in there to keep them happy I would imagine? Cheers!