Sunday, February 24, 2013

David & Goliath. did our provincial swimming team do? Well, I am pleased to report - rather well.

Manicaland took a team of 10 swimmers - and we were far and away the smallest team at the National Championships. Here is a photo of our team in the Opening Parade - Manicaland wear yellow and black, while Mashonaland wear yellow. (You can see half of the Mashonaland Team in the background - they didn't all fit into the picture).

Could this small group of 10 country bumpkins really beat a Team of 140 polished swimmers? Here is Manicaland warming up -

I will not comment other than to provide a clipping from the national newspaper 'The Sunday Mail' - (purveyor of truth at all times). I will leave it to them to announce the Manicaland Team's achievements...

Astonishing, isn't it?

Then - as further proof of our giant-slaying abilities, here is a photo of  the scoreboard on Day 4.....

Of course..........there are those who would say that we 'doctored' the scoreboard slightly in our favor.

And they may well have a point

But that still makes us Winners!

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  1. Manicaland Warming up and Dayna doing....... well not much.