Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Make me a whitie!

The last couple of days have been somewhat chaotic - because the painter has been in the house. Eish.

He started in the kitchen, and has now moved to the lounge - with everything being piled in a 'hip' in the middle of the floor. Trying to watch cricket and rugby has been particularly difficult! However, the old nail holes have been filled in, and the wall painted, and everything starting to look nice and clean again.

The difference between the old paintwork and the new is quite marked - and noticeable. He managed to paint the whole lounge, and just turned the corner into the entrance-way - to the right the new, and to the left the old. Tomorrow we should complete the job.

As most of you know, I have a dog called 'Blackie' - who has three legs. He is a black Labrador - though his muzzle and front paws are now decidedly grey with age. Everything else remain black.

Blackie lost his fourth leg as a puppy because he got caught in a wire snare, and we didn't find him until gangrene had properly set in. So off came his back right leg. He normally gets around just fine with only 3 legs, but can be a bit wobbly when walking. This normally isn't a problem - until the walls are wet with paint! That is when Blackie becomes Whitie! Especially his tail.

Stoopid animal!

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