Friday, February 8, 2013

The OJ Simpson freeway pursuit!

With grateful thanks to my eagle-eyed editors!

Great excitement today at La Rochelle - we had a "freeway chase" which resembled the famous 'slow-speed' chase the time that OJ Simpson was followed by the entire LAPD. Remember that? He had been accused of various crimes (full details at OJ@slash,slash,back-slash, slash) but ultimately proven "not guilty", as was Michael Jackson when he was accused of getting into children's clothing (unfortunately the kids were still in the clothes at the time). But it was the car chase we remember - if not who was involved! Justice in America makes for wonderful prime-time tv if nothing else!

But back to la Rochelle - and our own slo-mo OJ-style pursuit.

Della and I were returning from town today when we spotted a creature staggering over the road. We stopped and I picked it up - being careful to avoid the flashing claws. Placing it in the car was not a problem, until it went into defense mode and pooped everywhere.


We placed the beast in a sturdy box with stout iron bars, and left it on the lawn for the dogs to discover. Honey was the first, and achieved the almost impossible - going forwards to investigate while every sinew in her body was in reverse gear!

Of course, fully aware of the dangers lurking inside the dreadful box, Honey called in back-up from her older sister, Caramel. Older, maybe, but no less cautious.... Back legs splayed and ready to retreat!

So herewith the classic pic - better in many respects than the "OJ Simpson freeway pursuit", although conducted at about the same speed! The thrum of claws on asphalt filled the air, and the tension was so thick you could have cut it with a knife!

Much to the disgust of the pursuing law enforcement officers - the suspect made good his getaway beneath a very thick 'yesterday-today-and-tomorrow' bush - and as he was considered armed and dangerous, the pursuit was suspended. For now.

And in case I get complaints from the "Bambi-brigade" for allowing my vicious hounds to sniff at a defenseless tortoise - let me just say that had we not picked him up and brought him home - he would have been in someone's cooking pot by now!

Crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, I believe.

Have a nice day, now!

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