Sunday, February 10, 2013

spot the leaf....

So - as Sundays go, La Rochelle was pretty dead today.

Only livened up by the "sellers of mangoes" as they tried to offload the last of the season's fruit - on me! The kitchen entrance became a hub of commerce as the staff all gathered to buy these tiny, but oh-so-delicious kidney mangoes. Some of the staff were content to take their allotment (the standard price is US$1 for 15 fruit) and there was even a choice of small, sweet bananas.

Here is Febi - the bedroom maid - in full buying mode...... as the 'fruit merchants of Penhalonga' look on suspiciously!

Nyasha the waitress was a little less accepting, and spent a lot of time arguing the merits (and otherwise) of every mango she bought. Lots of haggling - and she was the only one to get 19 fruit as opposed to 15 like the rest of us!

She can be quite intimidating when she gets going!

Now - here is a slightly different picture - showing just how well the plants are doing in my garden. Look at every leaf carefully, and you will see just how much change has been brought about by the recent rains.

Look VERY carefully at every leaf......

Of course......... you noticed Fred the chameleon, didn't you?

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