Saturday, February 9, 2013

Here - hold a crocodile!

It constantly amazes me how very varied the responses to "Sorry for that" are. Different strokes for different folks, that's for sure! However one fairly universal thread that runs through the responses I get from American  and British folk is that they are impressed by my crocodile-catching story. And while I was at pains to stress how poop-scared I was at jumping onto one, I also mentioned that the smallest we caught was 1 foot long.

Which isn't very big.


At the expense of bursting my own bubble of invincibility - here are a couple of pics of my own children - taken three and a half years ago, holding foot-long crocodiles. It isn't that big a deal....

This is my oldest daughter Cara :-

My middle daughter Dayna - in pose mode!

This is Courtney - my youngest daughter - at age 9, 'playing' with a croc...

So, not too big a deal. However - the biggest fellow that "we" (and here I mean Ian) jumped on in the lake that night was about this big.......

That WAS actually a bit of a big deal - at the time!

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