Friday, February 22, 2013

The day a husband got trashed!

As promised yesterday - today's blog is about some of the people behind the gala.

There is a regular reader of this Blog - Mike Doorman, who along with his wife Tracey, is heavily involved in swimming. Mike worked as Starter for some of the sessions, and Tracey did the Announcing for the entire 5 days of gala - to the extent that her voice was giving out on the final day.

Tracey is also involved in the swimming club (Dorados) which my daughters Dayna and Courtney attend, and very much an integral part of swimming in Zimbabwe. She is also on the Board of national and provincial swimming bodies.

Mike reads the blog daily, and so today the blog is really about a regular reader of the blog reading about a regular reader of the blog - if that makes sense?

Here, then, is Tracey. As mentioned above, she did the announcing at the gala, and her daughter Amy (on the right) helped out too by bringing medals forward for whoever was presenting them - in addition to also competing. This photo was taken in the Announcers booth - with the crowd visible in the grandstand across the pool.

And this is Mike. I can, however,  tell you that the smile and happy face was actually all bravado - because............ he had gone and left their camera at home! Eish! And it was too far for him to go back and get it. And there was a good chance their daughter Lorna would be in amongst the medals.

Double Eish

And the medals were going to be presented by Kirsty Coventry on that particular day. Triple Eish.

I reckon this is a bit of a nervous grin - because at this point he hadn't yet told Tracey what he had done!

So it was left up to me to take a picture of their daughter Lorna being presented with her gold medal by Kirsty Coventry. I took this photo for them, and emailed it to them when I got home.

However Tracey was NOT amused. And, when she gets irked, she is indeed a formidable woman - as Mike found out.......

This astonishing spectacle greeted all and sundry who dared venture behind the grandstands after she had had a 'quiet' word with him once he had admitted leaving the camera behind!

Quadruple Eish! In Capitals!



  1. And the fifth EIIIIISSSSHHH will be from you, Tracey is coming to get you!

  2. Eish! Hope you laughed - I am still chuckling! Cheers

  3. Yes I did and so did the whole family. Beware next time I may not forget the camera and then the Blogger may be Blogged. Watch your back!