Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How does your garden grow?

No posts for a couple of days - partly because the rain kicked my system out, and partly because they have been pretty dull days! Apologies.

I leave tomorrow morning for Harare - my kids are competing in the National Swimming Championships, and the Zimbabwe Junior Squash selections, so I will not have access to internet, and will only post from Tuesday 19th Feb.........

Now then - today.

They call Cape Town "The Garden City" - and that is because they have planted trees and shrubs all over the place. It does look very pretty, as do those English towns that have competitions to be the prettiest towns. But...........they got nothing on OUR town!

Because we grow stuff everywhere. And not just in the boring old soil - we actually grow stuff on our buildings! And not on boring old pots and planter boxes. Nah - we grow OUR decorative plants.......well, kind of anywhere we feel like it! There is also an intersection with grass growing in a pot-hole - but I nearly got killed trying to take a photo because the traffic lights there stopped working ages ago. I will come back to this at a later stage!

Here, then a selection of the most impressive plants decorating our sleepy town of Mutare........

Firstly we have trees on our roofs. This is a budding Jacaranda tree - more of which I will no doubt post during the Jacaranda 'season'. But I bet you folk in Cape Town and England don't have trees growing on YOUR roofs?


We have a variety of cactus (unfortunately the best selection was removed from some guttering before I managed to get a photo of them) - but here are a couple of cacti which would not be out of place in a John Wayne Western movie!!!

And then we have shrubs - mightily impressive ones at that, growing in our down-pipes......

Soooooo - we agree that Zim wins again?

Of course it does!

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