Thursday, February 28, 2013

That pause between "drop" and "plop"!

Oooooh boy - are you gonna love THIS one!

Today Della and I had to go to the Mutasa District Council Offices - on Company business.

The Offices are located 45 minutes away from the hotel, and by the time we got there I felt the need to off-load the three cups of coffee that I had drunk this morning, as well as the 'mac-and-cheese' I had last night. I asked for the toilet, and was directed to a structure in the grounds which fairly obviously housed what we call 'long-drops' - or pit latrines, as they are known in other parts of the world.

And how nice they were! Here is the first view you get as you enter.....

As you can see from the previous photo - there was a certain degree of 'missing' that went on prior to my arrival in the public conveniences. (You know - "we aim to please - you aim too, please!")

I was able to hit the target not less that 95% of the time.....

Of course - the options are not limited to a 'Number One' - and the need to cater for a 'Number Two' has not been totally ignored. Obviously should the folk visiting the Mutasa Offices feel the need to 'push some putty', there is the additional requirement of paper......which eventuality has been extremely well-catered for. 

Providing not more than 20 people per day require the ablutions, are happy to share, and content to use the one-ply product provided, that is.......

I am sure the spider will not have escaped the attention of the lady readers of this blog?

When producing a 'Number Two' - the balancing act is something to behold - but the main concern for participants is the 2-second pause between "drop" and "plop". The depth of this particular facility is around 12 foot - and 2 seconds is a more than reasonable time to wait for the distant "plop" from the depths. The sound of silence is something you do NOT want to hear.

If.........however, the "plop" does not happen - the only recourse is to look down between your feet - and see just how much you missed the hole by.

The following photograph - taken with the camera held in the hole and pointing downwards, is not for the faint-hearted, but does contain proof (in case you wanted it) that my own 'Number Two' made it safely to the bottom.

I really can't believe you paged down to see!!! You seriously need to re-examine your life in fine detail.


Have a nice day one and all!!!

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