Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fred plays out of his skin.

Fred our pet chameleon will be well known to regular readers of the blog, and previous posts have shown him a mottled green-grey colour. However during the past week, he has been decidedly green.

See if you can spot him - again the wire helps him hide, but I can assure you he is easy enough to see...

As a reptile, part of growing up is the need to shed as he gets bigger. All scaly-skinned reptiles do this. Here is the skin of a Mozambique spitting cobra that we found at the hotel - the scales at the very tip of the tail break, and they just wriggle out.

So when we found Fred looking rather tatty - it was obvious to us that he was in the middle of changing his clothes, so to speak. The brown in the picture is the old skin sloughing off.

Here, then, is Fred's contribution to the 'Dead Skin Society'! This is part of his hind leg - and with all this readily-available material floating around I think there may well be scope for a recipe book of some kind!

What do you think?

Yeuch! Right?

For those of you who failed to spot Fred in the first pic, he is hanging onto the wire on the left-hand wall of his cage as you look at it - completely out in the open.

Have a nice day!

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