Friday, May 17, 2013

How do you grow a bulldozer?

Only two photographs today, I am afraid, but this paucity is simply because they are two of the most incredible photos of hitherto unseen transformations in nature.

A bulldozer growing!

OK - how do you grow a bulldozer? Well - two farming friends of ours have achieved the almost impossible - growing a bulldozer from seed.

Bulldozer seeds are hard to come by. They fit in your hand, come in boxes marked 'Dinky', are made of metal and generally are bright yellow. You have to find a suitable piece of land, plant them about 6 feet below the surface of the field, and then build a centre-pivot irrigation system which will irrigate the entire surrounding area. Bulldozers need an awful lot of water to grow.

If you are lucky, they sprout, and in the right conditions can grow quite large. Here then is a D4 bulldozer that the 'Farmer Palmers' managed to germinate and grow....

Incredibly they kept watering it and in no time at all (I think Sarah said 5 days) it had grown from a D4 into a D6.

Magnificent, isn't it?

Apparently the Palmers had been intending to let it grow right up to a D9 - but unfortunately the electricity failed, and did not come back for 2 days; the water pump failed, the centre pivot stopped going around, and the 'dozer stopped growing.

Once they stop - that is it.

For those of you who doubt the veracity of this story (and I suspect there may be one or two) - please go out to Ferndale farm and see for yourself the homegrown bulldozer.

Have a great day one and all!

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